The World Health Organization

Go to the website for the World Health Organization at: (Links to an external site.) Explore the site, especially the Disease Outbreak News which will describe current outbreaks being watched around the world. At the bottom of the home page, click on All Facts Sheets, go to Ebola haemorrhagic fever. Write a 350-500 word paper summarizing in your own words the aspects of this particular virus. Reflect upon the fact that there is no treatment or vaccine what might be done to prevent the spread of this disease. Include at least 1 source. Turnitin When you submit your paper, TurnItIn will create an originality report. The report will highlight wording in your paper that came from other sources AND/OR wording that have also been shown in other student papers. Revise your paper to be sure all highlighted sections have a citation in the same sentence and a reference at the end of your paper. Remember, a majority of academic writing should be in your own words using references as

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