Selecting the Best Leadership Style

You are on the Board of Directors of a small manufacturing company. Until now, the company has been mainly a family-run business. The founder wants to retire and has no offspring who can succeed him. The company is profitable, has been run conservatively, and does business domestically. Although the current head of the company wants to branch out, he is unsure how to accomplish that goal and wants to make no unnecessary changes. The 250 employees of this company are like family to him. He has often made decisions based on their influence rather than purely fiscal growth. While the Board understands that things need to change, they want to accomplish their goals in a way that will maintain the close-knit, family-like unity in the company, as that characteristic is an indisputable part of their organization’s success.

Click here to read the job description that has been created for this position.

Rewrite the job description to represent what you believe to be the most important leadership qualities for this company. Also, provide justifications for the qualities and traits you have chosen to be most appropriate.

Once your description has been written, consider:

  • Does this job description meet the needs of the organization as it is written? Explain.
  • Is this position different than an average CEO role in some way? If so, explain. How does this change your considerations for the job posting?
  • What traits are missing from the job posting you have read?
  • Are there traits not normally considered that would be important for the new CEO to possess?
  • Was this a difficult job description to write? Why or why not? Explain.

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