(1) For a cultural group different from your own, list three culturally based behaviors that may not promote health, and explain how you would provide respectful health promotion education to that cultural group.


(2) Describe a family type different from your own and list what family and economic dynamics might influence its health promotion and wellness decisions.


(3)please look at some form of advertisement. This could be a television commercial or magazine advertisement. Please look for fallacious reasoning. Identify the fallacy involved and the context of the advertisement. If possible, please include a URL or provide a resource..

Please Make sure you include the following:

  1.  Identify the fallacious reasoning in the argument?
  2. Can you repair the argument?
  3. Why is the argument persuasive in its fallacious form?

(4) Please identify a personal fallacy. This should be a fallacy that you notice and are prone to use.

Please look at your personal fallacies and how you might have used them in an argument.

Make sure you look at the following detailing and include your observations in your posting. You should do this both to the initial question and to a minimum of two of your fellow students.

Identify the fallacious reasoning in the argument.

  1. Why might this argument be persuasive?
  2. What other arguments exhibit the same fallacy?
  3. Can the argument be repaired to eliminate the fallacy?

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