What are the main legal issues raised in the case

Locate and review the Havill v. Woodstock Soapstone Co. case, 865 A.2d 335 (VT, 2004), noted at p. 322 of the text, and address the following questions. What are the main legal issues raised in the case? What jurisdictional issue was raised; by whom? What did the court decide? Why? Give a full and complete answer. What ‘conflicts of law’ issue is raised? What does the court decide? Why? Why does the court frequently state that there are “triable issues of fact”? What does the court say about the employer’s personnel/employment policies? What was the plaintiff’s “breach of contract claim”? What contract is she referring to? How and when does she claim it was formed? Does the defendant deny the existence of a contract? If so, on what basis? What does the plaintiff claim concerning termination of her employment? What does the defendant claim concerning this issue? What facts does each party rely upon for their position? Discuss fully. What did the court decide concerning this issue, and what was its legal reasoning? Give complete answers.

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