Legal Philosopher Chart

For this assignment, review the theories of the legal philosophers we have studied so far in the course, choose any five of these philosophers and use the Unit 4 Assignment Template to complete your Legal Philosopher Chart. As indicated in the template, for each of the five philosophers you have chosen, name the philosopher, describe the philosopher’s theory in detail, critique the theory, and identity the philosopher as either a legal positivist or a natural law theorist. To critique each theory, you should evaluate the validity of the theory and identify any potentially valid criticisms of the theory. Be sure to summarize each theory in your own words and cite to the relevant page(s) in the Murphy text as your authority. In addition, cite to at least two additional resources as authority. Submit your Unit 4 Template to the Dropbox by the end of Unit 4 in the basket titled Unit 4 Assignment. Here is the Unit 4 Assignment Checklist. Checklist: Did you name 5 legal philosophers, summarize the theory of each philosopher in your own words, and identify each philosopher as a legal positivist or natural law theorist? Did you critique each philosopher’s theory by evaluating the validity of the theory and identifying any potentially valid criticisms of the theory? Did you show internal citations in the body of the text as well as a proper list of references at the end of the paper, following APA style and include references to at least two sources other than the textbook?

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