Hudson Bay Company

The topic is Hudson Bay Company Your Objectives: 1. Give an overview of the company and include the following details: a. What does the company do? What is the company about? What products/services does the company make/provide b. When was the company started? c. What help did the entrepreneur or entrepreneurs seek to start the company? I.e.: bank loan, assistance from the Canadian government, personal resources 2. Provide an overview of the entrepreneur(s) who started the company. a. What was his/her or their motivation for starting the company? b. What did the entrepreneur or entrepreneurs identify as the source of innovative opportunity? c. What the opportunity driven by demand, supply or technology conditions? d. Demographics of the entrepreneur or entrepreneurs (i.e. age, new immigrant to Canada, Canadian born etc.) 3. Discuss the company’s plans or lack of plans for global/international expansion 4. Provide a detailed overview of which of the “7 Sources of Innovation” that Drucker highlights did the entrepreneur(s) take advantage of and respond to? Additional marks will be provided for: Spelling & Grammar (3 marks) Appropriate citation (APA style referencing) and Works Cited Page (1 mark) Additional Notes and Instructions Please thoroughly review and follow the instructions below. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of marks Wikipedia, Scribd and a media release from the company is not valid research material Provide a maximum ½ page response (single space, 12 pt Arial font, 1” margins) for each question highlighted above Please do not answer questions in point form; use a sentence structure Include a cover page which clearly indicates your name, student number, date, professor’s name and the section to which you are registered in Your entire project should be exactly 4 pages including: a cover page, 2 pages for responses to your questions and 1 page for your Works Cited Save your Word document according to the file format: firstname.lastname_IndividualProject

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