Educational Leadership and Management

Literature Review (Educational Leadership and Management) For this assignment you will develop a short literature review on the topic you chose. (School Resource Officers (SRO’s) The SRO’s are also sworn law enforcement officers that are responsible for providing security and crime prevention in schools. While an SRO’s primary responsibility is law enforcement, whenever possible, SROs also strive to employ non-punitive techniques when interacting with students (Davis, 2013). I have always liked working with students that are both first-time offenders and indigent. I believe that this program will help me grow and learn more about educational leadership and how I can apply this to my area of expertise. Your paper should include the following required sections. Introduction Provide an overview of the topic you chose for this review (School Resource Officers) Working with First-time Offender Students and Indigent Students. Review of the Literature : Include five sources, three of which must be different scholarly journals for your field or specialization. Apply principles of critical thinking to your analyses and evaluations of the literature you review. Write in 3rd Person Conclusion:A synthesis of the literature reviewed. References Include a minimum of five scholarly, peer-reviewed resources, including at least three different scholarly journals for your field or specialization. Assignment Requirements Your paper should meet the following requirements: APA The paper should be 5–8 pages in length, not including the title page and references page.

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