The world of Business to Consumer (B2C) is driven

The world of Business to Consumer (B2C) is driven by several factors. How do you get the consumer to your website and then to your retail store? Once they are at your website, how do you give them enough information about your product or service so they can quickly decide to purchase your product or service? How do you make it convenient for them to pay you? Mobile apps make that process convenient. In Week Three, your company is deciding to develop a new mobile ordering system in order to avoid losing customers to your competitor. Naturally, you want to not only match the capabilities of their system, but you want to exceed it as well. This week you will be brainstorming ideas for meeting the needs of each individual consumer. Based on the given scenario, write a 350- to 700-word description of the following: How will you attract current and new customers to your mobile app by using social media? What mobile operating systems will you design your app for and why? What data you will gather from consumers that download your app in order to design a specific marketing program to each individual consumer and why?

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