physical structure and social setting

This assignment will require you to start putting the concepts we’ve been discussing throughout the term together and in practice. This assignment will also ask you to start using “social science language” to describe/explain/explore social behaviours. Choose a public site and describe it – physical structure and social setting, individuals etc. (if you choose to use a map it is included as an appendix) Keep in mind our discussions about appropriate spaces, ethics, vulnerable individuals… etc. Spend an hour (up to two hours) observing people in a public space – Remember the discussion about talking to subjects, also you are not to take pictures of the subjects and the space Record the types of behaviours (based on the types we have discussed) you see and their frequency – provide definitions of the behaviour you are describing and examples of their occurrence. If you choose to include a table documenting the frequency of the various behaviours this too goes into an appendix. How did people interact in that setting? With the space, other people… What if any of the behaviours were out of the social norm for that place and why? (you may have chosen a time and place where this is not applicable – that is fine it is an indicator of other social processes and can highlight the cohesiveness of the individuals in the space) Develop a theory related to the space and spatial behaviour based on your observations (inductive theory) You need to find two peer reviewed sources for this assignment. When you use them be sure to offer a short synopsis of the research in the article and discuss why the research is relevant or important for your findings, then you can use a quote or two in your assignment. If you are using APA as your citation style please note that your title page is not page one – page one is your first full page of tex

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