Organization Ldrshp

Cases (6-8 pages)do referencesYou can choose to write your case studies on any of the movies, books, or series listed below (other movies/books/etc. can also be used with priorapproval from Dr. Carbo). The case studies are meant to apply the coursematerial to the case. You should be very specific and detailed about how thecourse material applies. You should then discuss the lessons you take from thecase study and the course material. The format of the case should be as follows:1. Title of Case (i.e. Movie/Book and Section(s) of Course you are applying)2. Executive Summary –One or two paragraphs summarizing the movie/book.3. Analysis of the Case –ID problems, provide solutions using course material4. Conclusion – Implications/Lessons Potential Movies/Books for Case Studies for Leadership1. To kill a mockingbird2. Remember the Titans3. Apollo 134. 12 O’Clock High5. Norma Rae6. Ghandi7. The Devil Wears Prada8. Wall Street9. The King’s Speech10. Braveheart11. Dead Poet’s Society12. Miracle13. Saving Private Ryan14. 12 Angry Men15. Glory16. Hotel Rwanda17. Gods and Generals18. Spartacus19. The West Wing20. We Are Marshall21. Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium22. Toy Story23. Bambi24. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington25. Game of Thrones26. Hoffa27. The Lion King28. Finding Nemo29. Monster’s Inc.30. Lincoln31. Coach Carter32. Secretariat33. 30034. Invictus35. Kung Fu Panda36. The Sopranos37. Lord of the Flies

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