What is a major difference between the quadrant

What is a major difference between the quadrant streak and zigzag inoculation method? Select one: a. Using a sterile instrument for streaking after the initial streakb. Identifying a mixed culturec. Amount of space of plate the experiment usesd. Type of agar that can be usede. Possibility of cutting the agar You have a mixed culture of unknown bacteria and want to identify one of the species by several subsequent experiments (needing multiple colonies of a pure culture). You do a quadrant streak and transfer to a sterile liquid medium. What next step makes the most sense? Select one: a. Perform a Gram stain b. Note all colony morphology characteristics c. Use the spread plate method or new streak plate on an isolated colony of the plate d. Quantify the cells e. Repeat using the other two methods of isolation If you want to isolate a colony from a culture with a high cell density, which of the following would be preferred? Select one: a. Spread plate method b. Zigzag pattern method c. Quadrant streak method d. Triple streak method e. Liquid inoculation

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