What would likely occur if the flame loop

What would likely occur if the flame loop was not sterilized between streaks on the quadrant streak method? Select one: a. Bacteria will not stick to the loopb. Virus will be introducedc. Flame loop will be too hotd. The sample will be contaminatede. Subsequent streaks would have more colonies Why is the glass rod in the spread plate method put in alcohol and ignited instead of sterilized like a flame loop? Select one: a. Glass oxidizes b. Glass melts c. Glass takes longer to cool d. Glass burns e. Glass is more sterile You streak an unknown sample and after incubation you see some red colonies and some yellow. What can you interpret from this experiment? Select one: a. Likely started with a pure culture b. A spread plate would work better c. You have identified Enterobacter aerogenes d. You have identified Serratia marcescens e. Likely started with a mixed culture

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