Kendra Brown is analyzing the capital requirements for Reynolds

Kendra Brown is analyzing the capital requirements for Reynolds Corporation for next year. Kendra forecasts that Reynolds will need $17 million to fund all of its positive-NPV projects, and her job is to determine how to raise the money. Reynolds’s net income is $12 million, and it has paid a $2 dividend per share (DPS) for the past several years (1 million shares of common stock are outstanding); its shareholders expect the dividend to remain constant for the next several years. The company’s target capital structure is 30% debt and 70% equity. a. Suppose Reynolds follows the residual model and makes all distributions as dividends. How much retained earnings will it need to fund its capital budget? b. If Reynolds follows the residual model with all distributions in the form of dividends, what will be its dividend per share and payout ratio for the upcoming year? c. If Reynolds maintains its current $2 DPS for next year, how much retained earnings will be available for the firm’s capital budget? d. Can Reynolds maintain its current capital structure, maintain its current dividend per share, and maintain a $17million capital budget without having to raise new common stock? e. Suppose Reynolds’s management is firmly opposed to cutting the dividend; that is, it wishes to maintain the $2 dividend for the next year. Suppose also that the company is committed to funding all profitable projects and is willing to issue more debt (along with the available retained earnings) to help finance the company’s capital budget. Assume the resulting change in capital structure has a minimal impact on the company’s composite cost of capital, so that the capital budget remains at $17 million. What portion of this year’s capital budget would have to be financed with debt? f. Suppose once again that Reynolds’s management wants to maintain the $2 DPS. In addition, the company wants to maintain its target capital structure (30% debt, 70% equity) and its $17 million capital budget. What is the minimum dollar amount of new common stock the company would have to issue in order to meet all of its objectives?

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