Judy Depression Disorder

Judy is a 16-year-old Asian female. Until 9 months ago, she was reported to be friendly and sociable. Her mother even used the term “life of the party” to describe her daughter. Her parents are unable to identify any specific event in her life that may have happened, but they report that she has suddenly become sullen and withdrawn. Most days she is reported to return from school, go to her room, close the door, and remain there. Her parents have to “almost drag” her to eat dinner with the family, and when she can, she eats alone in her room. She rarely eats much and is reported to have lost at least 10 pounds off her already slim frame. Her parents report that she rarely initiates a conversation with them, and when they question her about her behavior, or anything else, she snaps backs that she is fine and just needs to be left alone. Her parents also report that she sleeps almost all the time, she does not talk on the phone with friends, and seems to “just drag herself” around.

Her teachers report that she does a minimal amount of work and her grades are “passing, but barely.” She used to be in a gifted class, but her apparent lack of effort in school has resulted in her being removed from all honors and advanced placement classes. Socially she is reported to “be a loner”; she keeps to herself and has no reported best friend.

Assignment (2 pages) APA format with references

For this Assignment, consider your suggestions for treating Judy. Write a 2-page summary of the case study. Your analysis should:

  • Determine whether Judy meets criteria for any of the depressive disorders
  • Explain your rationale for your decision
  • Explain whether a diagnosis of any of the depressive disorder would benefit Judy in the development of a treatment plan and how

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