Intro to Anthrology

1. In which of the following circumstances is women’s political power greatest? (Points : 1) When they are economically productive and control economic resources.
When boys are socialized to respect them.
When their society is industrialized.
When they have the right to hold political office.

Question 2. 2.The two principles of magic, wherever it is found, are the law of _______ and the law of _______. (Points : 1)

mana, taboo
contagion, imitation
contagion, taboo
imitation, mana

Question 3. 3.Divination is best defined as (Points : 1)

a religious ritual to raise a deceased ancestor to divine status.
a religious ritual to obtain hidden knowledge.
a religious belief in divine presence in mundane things.
a religious belief in the divine presence in humans.

Question 4. 4.Which of the following is NOT part of Carniero’s interpretation of the origin of states? (Points : 1)

They arose from the need to control irrigation.
They arose in environmentally circumscribed areas.
Population growth was an important factor in their origin.
Competition for limited resources precipitated their development.

Question 5. 5.Which of the following was NOT true of the West African Ashanti state? (Points : 1)

All crimes were punishable by death.
Only the king or his representatives could legitimately use force.
Suicide was a crime.
The king was only a figurehead.

Question 6. 6.Which is Black’s view of the relationship of law to other forms of social control? (Points : 1)

Law is important when other forms of social control are important.
Law is important when other forms of social control are weak.
Law is weak when other forms of social control are weak.
Law and other forms of social control vary independently of one another.

Question 7. 7.According to research by Guy Swanson, monotheism is most likely to be found in those societies that (Points : 1)

depend on foraging for foods.
are isolated from other societies.
have no complex descent systems such as clans and lineages.
organize the sovereign decision-making groups into at least three levels.

Question 8. 8.According to research by Guy Swanson, polytheism is most likely to be fund in societies with (Points : 1)

few occupational specialties.
no occupational specialties.
egalitarian structure.
social classes.

Question 9. 9.According to Geertz, the core of religion is (Points : 1)

deep personal commitment.

Question 10. 10.A shaman is a (Points : 1)

secular expert.
ritual specialist.

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