Identify and state which patient symptoms

Can the RN use acupressure for pain and discomfort? If it is approved with the board of nursing in the state the RN is licensed? The RN may need an order from the provider? A. Identify and state which patient symptoms are more likely to be relieved by this treatment. Give the reasons to support this. Acupressure pressure usually involves the use of the finger tips. It is a method of Traditional Chinese medicine massage. Acupressure is able to harmonize the flow of Qi. Or energy, in the body and improve your health. 1. Nausea: is a symptom that can be triggered by several things most likely by the stomach bile reacting from influences such as motion sickness. This type of nausea can be relieved by applying pressure to the stimulation of the pericardium. Relieving symptoms of Nausea. 2. Pain: can be relieved by the release of endorphins, which are our body’s natural painkillers 3. Anxiety: by applying pressure to motor points causing underlying muscle to relax. B. Identify and state how the individual RN might incorporate acupressure into nursing practice. As with any care plan the RN can schedule time for acupressure into her day. In some cases the hospital may have assigned provider much like a physical therapist appoint schedule time. C .Identify and state in what health care settings acupressure might be an effective integrative treatment to offer to patients. Give the reasons to support your thoughts. Assisted living, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Provider, Nursing break rooms, Clinics, Palliative Care, Birthing Centers, Reasoning: symptoms of pain, nausea, anxiety are noted in all settings listed above. This procedure is non-invasive. When a patient is relaxed with reduced pain they are able to concentrate and are in control of self and their surroundings. Wagner, J. (2015). CE: Incorporating acupressure into nursing practice. The American Journal of Nursing, 115(12), 40-45. doi:10.1097/01.NAJ.0000475290.20362.77

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