Global Environment

Continue working with your chosen least admired company for the assignments and complete the following: 1. Identify the industry for your chosen company and its Domestic Environment. 2. Identify a Global Environment for the company (an international country for the company). 3. What are the characteristics of the new Global Country/Environment that will best suit the company for success? 4. What barriers exist in the new Global Country/Environment? You cannot state there are no barriers. 5. How will the company overcome those barriers (strategies)? 6. Research requirement: minimum 2 sources PLUS the text. 7. Page requirement: 2 pages in APA format. 8. Assignment MUST be submitted to and here (see forum for more important information). 9. NOTE: Items 1-2 should not exceed 1 paragraph (100 words in a paragraph). LO – 3 – Given a chosen company, the student will apply strategy to barriers of government regulations and characteristics of success using a Global environment for the company.

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