evaluate the data analysis methods

Using the doctoral study that you selected in Week 1, evaluate the data analysis methods used. Incorporate appropriate references to the course readings about data analysis methods. For all the questions below, remember to explain how you came to your conclusions. Support your answers with explanation or evidence drawn from the dissertation and from course readings. Were the data analysis methods used appropriately for the qualitative tradition or research design (e.g., case study, ethnography, grounded theory, etc.)? Why or why not? Were all aspects of the data analysis methods described or justified sufficiently? If not, what could have the author said and why? If sufficient, explain why you think so. Do you think the data needed to answer the research question(s) could have been analyzed as effectively using other data analysis methods? If so, what other methods would you recommend and why? If not, why not? This includes the data analysis methods as well as how they were conducted or implemented. Add any additional comments for evaluation not addressed above. Use citations and references to support your opinions and statements.

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