Erickson’s Theory

You have been hired as a consultant by an advertising firm that is developing a series of commercials for a family-oriented theme park. The commercials will target family members at various life stages. You have decided that understanding Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development will help you with this assignment. Your assessment will be used by the advertising firm to help in developing commercials targeting various developmental stages.

Your deliverable to the advertising firm will be a report of 2–3 pages with your research results. You will submit 1 Word document with the following information:


  • Describe the underlying principles of Erikson’s theory.
  • Describe each stage of Erikson’s theory.
  • Include in your description of each stage an analysis of a character that best represents that stage of life. The character can be from a television show, a movie, or a literary character from a book. You can also use a person that you know in your life, such as a friend or relative.
  • In each case, be sure to explain how the character represents the stage and how the character is doing at resolving the crisis.


Please use the following guidelines for formatting your assignment:


  • Margins: Set to one inch
  • Font: 12pt.-Times New Roman, no bold, no underline
  • Title: Centered above the paper, 12 pt.-font (Level A Heading), no bold, no underline, no italics
  • Pagination: Every page; consists of a header containing a short title for the paper and a page number placed in the upper right corner of the page
  • Line Spacing: Double space all work, including the References page
  • Point-of-View: Third person, objective; limit perspective to research; no personal opinion or narrative; first person is allowed in describing the test and results, as well as discussing personal ways to enhance EI
  • In-text citations: Must conform to APA requirements
  • References list: Must conform to APA requirements


For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials. Please refer to the following multimedia course material(s):


  • Week 5: Conception Through Childhood and Adult
  • Week 5: Personality Traits


Assignment Tips:


  • Erikson’s stages are not the only part of his theory. There are some general principles that provide a conceptual framework on which the stages are built. To fully understand the theory, you need to grasp those principles. An excellent discussion of those can be found in Boeree’s chapter on Erikson and his theory.
  • Some key words are epigenetic principle, balance, virtues, maladaptations, and malignancies.
  • You need to first discuss the conceptual framework, then discuss the stages. When you discuss the character, use behavioral examples to support your assertion that the character belongs in the stage, as well as to support your assertion of how the character is doing at resolving the crisis of the stage.

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