Develop a plan for workshop you might present that focuses

Develop a plan for workshop you might present that focuses on a sexual topic relevant to a population (Latino).

Include the following;

1.     Define your topic, and the population you are intending the workshop for.

a.     Discuss why you have chosen this topic for this population,

b.    including research on the relevance of this topic to this particular group.

c.     Summarize the important points of what you have found in the research.

2.     Develop an outline for the workshop.

a.      Discuss how you will spend different segments of time (e.g. 30 min. in a PowerPoint, 15 min. in an activity, 15min in small-group discussion, 30 min. of group Q & A).

3.     You should develop at least two engaging activities for participants as part of your workshop plan.

a.     Write up a description of each activity in enough detail that it is clear what your goals are and what you will do to accomplish them.

b.    Include any handouts, instruction that delivers your materials effectively needed.

4.     For portions of the workshop that are more didactic (information-focused),

5.     Create a PowerPoint presentation that delivers your materials effectively and includes citation of your sources at the bottom of slides.

a.     Try not to put every scrap of information on your slides, (use bullet points)

b.    use the speakers notes to write the information.

6.     For the Presentation (PowerPoint) include the following;

a.     A 1-2 page handout summarizing the important points of your topic and with a Recommended Reading list that includes brief annotations of each item (1-2 sentences)

b.    The presentation should go over your topic, explains the outline of your workshop, and describes your activities.

Example of Topics

Negotiating sexual consent with your partners

Coming out to family members

Cultural messages about sexuality with a particular group

Managing pregnancy and breastfeeding in school or the  workplace

Education about a particular or area of sexual need for a particular population

Responding to a friend or colleague who is gender transitioning.

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