Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice

This written assignment requirement is for a minimum of 5 double-spaced pages of text, submitted in APA format, using 12 point font. In addition, your paper should include a cover page, abstract and reference page. A minimum of 2 scholarly sources must be used. Post your assignment as a .doc file attachment by clicking on the Assignment 4.3 title above. Based on the scenario below, write an essay that reports on a real incident, covered by the media in the past 6 months that deals with ethics involving a criminal justice entity. In your essay, be sure to address the questions below. You are to play the role of a criminal justice administrator. You are to investigate the incident involving your agency (as described above in the selected scenario and media reports), and report your findings to the governmental body in which you report. Your superiors are questioning how this could have happened, and whether or not a policy is in place to avoid future occurrences. Your final report to your superiors should include the following: Details of the incident. Is there a policy pertaining to the described behavior? Was there a legal violation? What are the likely moral and ethical reactions from the public? What recommendations do you have regarding implementation of a policy to ensure that a similar incident does not occur in the future? Describe the specifics of that policy. Week 5 Albanese, Jay, Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice, 3rd Ed., Prentice Hall 2012. Review Chapters 1-8 This written assignment requirement is for an examination of the topic below, submitted in APA format, using 12 point font. It is expected that, based on the nature of this topic, that a concise yet thorough analysis will take between 3-5 pages of text, in addition to your cover page, abstract and reference page. At least 1 external scholarly source, aside from your required text, must be cited in support of your position. Please post your assignment as a .doc file attachment by clicking on the Assignment 5.3 title on the assignments page. You are the new director of the Office of Citizen Complaints, the governmental agency that receives, reviews and acts on complaints against law enforcement officers in your jurisdiction. You are giving a speech before your staff, officers of the police department in your jurisdiction, and interested citizens regarding issues of citizen complaints, police misconduct, and the investigation of citizen complaints by your office. You are planning to explain your approach as the new director of the Office of Citizen Complaints and are going to give attention to the following issues: (1) what kinds of citizen complaints should be given close scrutiny and what kind should not; and (2) what forms of police misconduct should require the greatest attention by the police department and by your office; and (3) how your staff members are expected to conduct themselves when dealing with citizens and police officers during an investigation of a complaint. Develop a speech that would address the issues identified above. Week 6 Must reference: Albanese, Jay, Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice: Being Ethical When No One is Looking, (3rd Edition, Prentice Hall) 2012. Chapters 10 Review Chapters 1-9 and Appendix To be successful, you must address the issue presented from the perspective of a criminal justice professional. Further, you must use at least THREE of the ethical models (virtue, formalism, and utilitarianism) for building your case. Please note that this assignment requires you to think about contemporary events in historic terms and to consider the geopolitical and economic motivations of other societal networks and cultures. Outside, scholarly sources are acceptable as supplements to your analysis, but the bulk of your analysis shall be devoted to textual support for your personal, scholarly opinion. On September 11, 2001 four airliners were commandeered and used to affect an attack on targets within the boundaries of the United States. This attack was unprecedented in the domestic history of the United States and the subsequent responses permanently altered American foreign and domestic policies. Defend the following statement: “The attack of 9/11 is ethically justifiable”. Then, identify 4 ways in which the criminal justice system has been changed by the events of 9/11. Has the ethical motivation changed as a result

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