Your organisation supplies stationery

Letter 1 Your organisation supplies stationery to several large and many small businesses. You have a loyal group of customers due to your excellent service.Unfortunately, industrial action affecting the production of many of your products has created a shortage of stock and you will not be able to meet many urgent orders. You hope that this will last for only two weeks and you need to encourage customers to wait for the industrial action to be resolved, rather than use another stationery company.Write a letter to customers advising them of the situation. Use an appropriate structure for your letter. (3.75 marks for structure and 3.75 for language) Letter 2 A few years ago, you began running to get into shape and now you have become an avid runner. You believe that the various local races inspire more people to exercise, especially if the race entry fees help provide funds for a charitable organisation. Your sister, a volunteer for the Australian Heart Foundation, has asked you to help her plan a 10 km run to support the local Heart Foundation branch. You would like to set up a group of sponsors for the race and have decided to write to local sporting goods stores to see if they would like to donate items for the race prizes. You think that this would be a great way for these stores to promote themselves to people who could use their products.Write a letter to the owners of the sporting goods stores asking them to support this event. Be sure to tell them that you will include their company logo on the race T-shirt and other promotional items. (3.75 marks for structure and 3.75 for language)

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