Operations Management Problem QSO 600 Questions

Operations Management T Operations Management QSO 600 Operations Management Problem Questions 1. Thermostats are subjected to rigorous testing before they are shipped to air conditioning technicians around the world. Results from the last five samples are shown in the table. Draw and R Chart and an x-bar chart. Based on the charts, is the process under control? (20 Points) Answer 1: 2. A professor records the number of students who complain each week throughout the semester. If the class size is forty students, what are 3-sigma control limits for this class? Construct a control p-chart and interpret the data. Is the process in control? (20 points) wer 2: 3. A department store chain is designing a layout for a new store.

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The store manager wants to provide as much convenience as possible for her customers. Based on historical data, the number of trips between departments per hour is given in the following closeness matrix. A block plan showing a preliminary layout is also shown. .1.OFFICE SUPPLIES .2. SPORTING GOODS 3. HARDWARE 4. TOYS 5. AUTOMOTIVE 1. ELECTRONICS Customer travel between departments is restricted to the aisles shown in the block plan as dotted lines. Complete the calculations and fill in the table above.

Based on the table above answer the following questions.

a) What is the total expected weighted-distance score between Office Supplies and Hardware? (4 points)

b) What is the total weighted-distance score between Hardware and Toys? (4 points)

c) What is the total weighted-distance score for the entire store? (4 points)

d) A suggestion has been made to switch Hardware and Automotive. What would the total weighted-distance score for the entire store if these two departments were switched? (4 points)

e) Based on your calculations, would you recommend that Hardware and Automotive be switched? (4 points) Answer 3: 4.

Balance the assembly line for the tasks contained in the table. The desired output is 240 units per day. Available production time per day is 480 minutes.

a) What is the desired Cycle time in seconds? (4 points)

b) What is the theoretical minimum number of stations? (4 points)

c) Use trial and error to work out a solution in the table below. Your efficiency should be at least 90%. (10 Points)

d) Calculate the efficiency of your solution. (2 points) Answer 4: 5.

A manufacturer’s research and development center must expand by building a new facility. The search has been narrowed to five locations, all of which are acceptable to management. The assessment of these sites is being made on the basis of the five subjective location factors that follow. Management has agreed to use a five-point scale (Excellent = 5, and Poor = 1) to quantify and compare their subjective opinions about the relative goodness of the sites. The weight reflects the importance of each factor in the decision. calculate the weighted score for each alternative.

Operations Management Problem QSO 600 Questions assignment

Which location would you recommend?(15 points) Answer 5: 6.

Complete the following MPS Record (15 points) Answer 6: 7. Use the bill of materials and inventory records to determine the quantity of purchased items necessary to assemble 20 end items if the manufacturer uses lot-for-lot ordering. There are no end items currently on hand, and none of the components have any scheduled receipts. (20 points) Component On-hand Component On-hand A 5 D 15 B 75 E 3 C 10 F 20 .gif”>

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