How does obesity jeopardize chances at success

How does obesity jeopardize chances at success? Scenario: I constructed a hypothetical experiment, which I would have amount of random individuals. One who was portrayed as obese with a fake body suit and the other individual who is averaged size, these individuals would be the interviewees. The rest of the individuals would have a shot at being the interviewer and would have no idea what the two subjects look like until they meet for the fake interview. The obese actor would have better credentials than the other person applying for the job. Based on the interview constructed I would have the interviewer pick the candidate they would prefer. Answer the questions descriptively: 1) What is your hypothesis 2) Dependent variable: what behavior will you measure, how often will you measure the behavior, what type of observation will you use, and what is the recording method and how will you record it. 3) Independent variable: what are you manipulating, describe the levels of IV, what variable will be controlled, how are they presented and how lon

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