Key Concepts in Digital Video and Multimedia

Create an online Presentation (by using Google Presentation, Prezi or Powerpoint online) that explains “Key Concepts” in Digital Video and Multimedia

Technical Requirements:

1- At least 17 slides plus 1 title and 1 resources slide are needed

2- For difficult concepts such as “long shot” , provide a picture or short video clip as an example of the concept

3- Write your sources at the end of the presentation

Key Concepts on Multimedia and Digital Video:

  • Roles and jobs of a production crew for digital video projects (2 SLIDES)
    • executive producer, producer, director, engineer, script writer, editor, camera operator, presenter, audio technician
  • Roles and jobs of a production crew for multimedia projects (2 SLIDES)
    • project manager, lead programmer, writer, art director, editor, sound engineer, researcher, animator, presenter
  • Basic concepts of video filming (2 slides)
    • Composition, Ratio of image to frame, Position in frame, Line of gaze, pan/tilts, movement,perspective
  • Basic camera techniques (1 slide)
    • zoom, focus,iris control,white balance, filters
  • Lighting techniques (1 slide)
    • key, fill, backlight
  • Basic video-shot vocabulary (1 slide)
    • Long shot, medium shot, extreme close
  • VIDEO FILE FORMATS (1 slide)
    • MPEG, AVI, MOV, MP4
  • Analog, digital, codec, drop-frame, resolution (1 slide)
  • Differences and similarities between linear and nonlinear editing (1 slide)
  • How to output digital video to analog and analog video to digital (1 slide)
  • Chroma key or Color key(1 slide)
  • Frame and Fps(1 slide)
  • Cutaway and Jump Cut(1 slide)
  • Persistence of Vision and Rule of Thirds (1 slide)

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