Internet Marketing Principles

E-Marketing Plan The e-marketing planning process suggests that information technologies will assist marketers in building revenues and market share or lowering costs. The ultimate goal is to achieve competitive advantage in spite of the fact that the landscape of the Internet is constantly changing. The e-marketing plan can be viewed as a portion of the business plan for a new entrepreneurial venture.

The creation of an e-marketing plan can be viewed on page 62 of your textbook.

During this course, you will use the  Online Library to compile a portion of this plan including company background (Unit II), situation analysis and e-marketing strategy planning (Unit IV), and objectives and e-marketing strategies (Unit VI).

Additionally, you will compile a PowerPoint presentation of your e-marketing plan (Unit VIII). For the Unit VI Web Assignment, you are asked to compile objectives as well as the e-marketing strategies (refer to pages 65-67 in your textbook). This includes a detailed look at product, pricing, distribution, and marketing communication strategies with respect to the use of theInternet.

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