Find an online blogthat relates to an area of healthcare that interests you. It can be about any healthcare topic. Some ideas are: 1. Healthcare law (such as lawsuits or regulations), 2. Providing healthcare, 3. Trends in healthcare, 4. Changes that are occurring within the healthcare field, 5. Healthcare management, 6. Elder care, 7. Hospice care, 8. Information/Treatment of a disease or condition, etc. Use can use Google to find blogs in your field of interest. You can ask your colleagues. If you already subscribe or regularly visit a blog, you might want to venture forth, and search for related, but new to you, blogs. Sample blogs found when ‘googling’ include: Bloomberg BNA (Links to an external site.) Healthcare Law Blog (Links to an external site.) and HealthBlawg (Links to an external site.). Have fun finding others! When you have selected a blog (your ‘target blog’), please evaluate it based upon the following criteria. Post your evaluation in the BLOGS WE LIKE forum. (Hint: you can prepare your response in a text document offline; then, login in, go to the BLOGS WE LIKE forum, and Copy and Paste your posting): Please give your response to each of the following questions. The responses can be short/bullet point. Include information for each numbered item: The names of three blogs you found that might be interesting Choose one blog to write about and analyze in-depth. This should be a blog you will ‘bookmark’ and return to (“target blog’). For that blog provide the following: Name and web address (URL) of your one selected (‘target’) blog, (its URL [web address] will do < you can select this in your browser address bar, copy, and paste into your response) How you found it (e.g, ‘I googled it’, or, ‘a friend recommended it’, or, ‘I heard about it in a seminar’) What is the background of the blog/blogger? (Why, How, Who about the stated blog origins? Sometimes this is found in ‘About Us’, etc. Maybe it’s sponsored by an insurance company or law office or healthcare provider.) What is the perspective of the blog? How relevant do you think the blog postings are to the stated purpose/topic of the blog? Why? (Is it giving you what it seems to ’promise’? How current is the blog? Does it seem to be up to date? Cite an example. Will this blog can be useful to your professional or personal interests? Would others find it useful? Why?

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