Explain the basic ideas, components, or beliefs

ams will investigate an assigned theory of leadership. This inquiry should find answers to the following: 1. Theory/Concept Overview – Explain the basic ideas, components, or beliefs. 2. Leadership Definition – How is leadership defined under this theory? 3. Operational Context – Where does leadership “reside” in this theory? What are the roles of the leader, follower, organization, and context? 4. Leadership Influence – By what means does one influence others? 5. Leadership Development – How is leadership developed according to this theory? What actions could be taken to develop leadership under this theory? 6. Strengths/Weaknesses – What are the strengths and weaknesses of this theory? 7. Lessons for Leadership – According to this theory, what are the three most important points one needs to know to be an effective leader? Each team will prepare a 15-20 minute presentation explaining their assigned theory/concept in a creative, engaging manner, i.e., you should include: a. An opening that gets our attention and helps us connect to the topic b. An overview of your objectives – what is your point and where are you going c. The content presented in an interesting and interactive manner d. Practical examples that illustrate major facets of the theory e. BRIEF (1-2 PAGE) HANDOUT AS PROMPT AND GUIDE (with references and copies for all) f. A conclusion that sums your content and reemphasizes the important points

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