Economic Growth

Economic Growth” At the end of the chapter the author addresses a question posed quite frequently. Although economists speak as if economic growth is necessarily a good thing (your author not excluded), many question the sustainability and even the morality of ever increasing economic growth. Certainly we can nod to the idea that economic growth needs to keep up with population growth to maintain our current standard of living. However, does growth in excess of population growth increase well-being. A way to consider this is whether you are “happier,” not whether you have more and better stuff, than your great-grand parents were? Some argue no and say that excess growth might even be construed as materialistic and immoral. Others argue that the pursuit of growth is depleting the earth’s scarce non-renewable resources. What do you think? I leave this issue in your capable hands. I suggest that all of you post your own position before responding to others. This might give everyone some food for thought before the discussion begins in earnest.

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