Cultural Intelligence and Business

Cross-cultural issues need to be addressed in domestic operations, but even more so in companies operating globally. What is considered a successful human resources (HR) decision in one part of the world may become a challenge in another part of the world. In this assignment, you will look for the appropriate global HR policies.

The Amaya Corporation is an MNC whose corporate headquarters are in the United Kingdom (UK), with manufacturing operations in various countries throughout the world. There has been a change in leadership in the company’s subsidiaries in two countries: the Czech Republic and China. In the Czech Republic, a young male executive was sent from Germany. In China, a middle-aged female executive was sent from the company’s operations in India.

Now, do the following to complete this assignment:

  • List possible issues the two executives could face in the Czech Republic and China. For each potential issue, provide an analysis to explain why it is a potential problem.
  • Discuss the importance of cultural intelligence and its impact on the globalization of business operations.
  • Propose methods for preparing each executive for their assignment.
  • Support your positions with scholarly resources.

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