Architectural Looking Assignment

Architectural Looking Assignment Compare two different style churches, one is St. George’s Cathedral (270 King St. E, at Johnson St., which is Classical church) and the other is St. Mary’s Cathedral (279 Johnson St., at Clergy St., which is Gothic church). Exterior: – What of the buildings can be seen from a distance? (Compare the tower and dome.) – Compare the main facades. Which elements of architecture (columns, piers, a pediment…) are used? What are the shapes of windows and doors? Are these elements predominantly vertical or horizontal? Do they create a sense of height, stability, grandeur… and if so, how? – Compare the ground plans. Is each church a longitudinal or centrally planned building? Is it a rectangle or cross in plan? Is there one or more than one emphasized entrance? Does plan place all of the focus on the high altar, or are there other emphasized spaces (such as the center of the church or a transept)? – Compare the interiors. Are classical columns or piers used? How are the spaces vaulted? Are uninterrupted horizontals or verticals emphasized? Where and what shape are the windows? Are all areas given the same degree of architectural ornament, or are some parts of the spaces distinguished by more elaborate architecture? Does the lighting focus your attention on certain parts of the space, or is it evenly diffused? Come to a conclusion, which does not merely list these separate points but discusses the overall difference in effect of these elements. How do the exterior, plan, and interior come together to create a different experience?

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